Wytec Enterprise offers a variety of services to assist buildings in becoming Smart Buildings.

A Smart Building starts with Smart Infrastructure which allows the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to work seamlessly. By offering a variety of cellular enhancement solutions and the ability to offer fiber-like internet through technology such as, Wytec Enterprises is at the front of the Smart Building revolution.

Cellular Enhancement

Traditionally, outside cellular towers broadcast the signal in an area. The farther the signal must travel, the weaker it is, resulting in poor signal quality. Building materials are also another cause of poor signal – cellular signal cannot penetrate thick or dense material like thick concrete walls, shielded areas, certain kinds of wood, or even energy efficient coated glass such as low-e glass. Even regular glass windows can reflect cellular signal.

Cellular signal boosters can increase your in-building cellular signal by taking the outside signal and bringing it inside your building, and even amplifying it. Increasing your cellular signal does not have to be a difficult process. Depending on your needs, there are a variety of solutions - single carrier options, carrier pre-approved options, cellular boosters for small to a million square foot and up buildings, and more.

FlexSpeed Internet

FlexSpeed Internet utilizes technology to allow buildings to take advantage of previously installed infrastructure to provide tenants and employees with fiber-like Internet. With speeds more than 1 Gbps, and a host of options from fixed internet to fail-over service, FlexSpeed can accommodate even the most demanding of tenants.

Two of the most important features of FlexSpeed Internet is that provides symmetrical internet rather than traditional asymmetrical internet, which businesses need to function efficiently, and customers can customize their internet packages to allocate specific amount of broadband at any time. This allows businesses the flexibility to accommodate whatever demands they need without upgrading their services.

Another powerful feature of FlexSpeed Internet is its ability to work as a symmetrical, adjustable fail-over solution for businesses. Fail-over internet works seamlessly with a primary provider internet to provide consistent internet access for businesses, no matter if the primary provider service fails or goes down.

FlexSpeed Internet requires little installation compared to the needs of fiber and provides reliable and cost-effective service. It makes it an in-demand amenity that can increase the value of commercial buildings and can make business much easier for employees.

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