Finding a great deal on a hotel is easy, but finding a hotel that has great cellular coverage can be almost impossible.

Travelers rely on their phones to conduct business, contact family members, enjoy social media and more. They are more apt to frequent hotels that have great cellular service.

Strong Cellular Coverage is the Amenity Everyone Wants.

Hotels live and breathe on happy guests and reviews. Creating the best experience for guests is what every hotel and conference center strives for. Guests want to use their cell phones inside their rooms with fast connectivity. However, concrete, doors, walls, and glass can prevent cellular signal from reaching their rooms. Even other buildings can prevent cellular signal from reaching your guests.

Business Doesn’t Stop Because the Cell Phone Did.

Business travelers often rely on their phones to conduct business and keep in touch with clients. They require great connectivity and fast internet to conduct their business. Consequently, they are more apt to frequent hotels that have great cellular service. 

For conference attendees, the concentrated area of everyone tweeting, calling, and texting can make cellular networks slow and call quality suffer. Enhancing the available signal can ease this pain and make the experience much more enjoyable.


Wytec is at the forefront of Smart Hotels.

Wytec Enterprise understands that guests and conference attendees require strong cellular signal as part of their experience. We can help design a solution that quickly increases in-building wireless connectivity. From one-carrier to pre-approved carrier solutions, our Solutions Experts can assist in finding the best solution for your needs.

The Process

Getting started with a cellular enhancement solution does not have to be a painful or lengthy process.
We made our process simple no matter what type of cellular solution you need. From research to design, we can help you at any stage.


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Floor Plan Analysis

A floor plan analysis allows our Solutions Experts to evaluate the best cellular enhancement solution for you based on your building’s unique structure and your needs. Take advantage of our Free Budgetary Quote that is customized to your building too.

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Site Survey

A site survey is a part of the design process and determines the exact configuration needed to enhance the cellular signal inside the building. This on-site survey allows our technicians to take scientific signal readings in all areas of your building.

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System Design and Installation

Once the site survey and floor plan analysis have been completed, Wytec will expertly design and professionally install your custom solution.

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